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On July 1, 2011, Bus Movers and More opened a business serving the school districts of Ohio. In those 13 short years we have put over $1 million back into the school districts of Ohio by selling their used equipment. Desks, chairs, buses, trucks, computers, you name it we have sold it, and for a very reasonable price, with no out-of-pocket costs for the schools. We have emptied out over 40 buildings due for demolition, and save the districts money on disposal of fixtures and equipment.

We have seen our customer base grow as school districts learn of what we have to offer to help them get money back into their districts budget, and help clear up space in their schools.

Bus Movers and More would like to thank its current customers and future customers with the following offer:

Bus Movers and More/Ohio Schools Broker will not charge you 40%, not 30%, not 25%, but 20% for all your auction sales. Whether the auction be for $100, or $50,000, your charge will be 20%.

You may ask yourself why your school districts would deal with anyone else? You might ask your superintendent or Treas. why they would deal with anyone else, or ask your school board.

Why indeed???

If you want to deal with a company that’s known for its honesty, it’s hard work, and fast service,

your ONLY choice is Bus Movers and More/Ohio Schools Broker.

If we can be of any service to you please call me personally at 440-339-9044


Here’s to a better year coming up for everyone!!


Tino Ricco/ Pres. of Bus Movers and More/Ohio Schools Broker



Bus Movers and More would NEVER charge you a membership fee, THEN charge you for our services, we prefer to be honest, and help your district save money.










About Us





Bus Movers and More LLC was founded in 2011 by John A. Zigman to service the needs of all government entities in Ohio. Ohio Schools Broker was added, to increase exposure. Tino Ricco came on board in August of 2023 to continue providing this service to local communities and organizations.

We have returned over $2,300,000.00 To school budgets over the past 13 years, money that would have been lost to your districts otherwise.



Allowing us to handle your Group's asset sales means more time for you to handle more important matters. Plus, you get money back into your Organization for future needs.

Let us put the power of your used inventory to work for you. Contact us today at 440-339-9044, or email to learn more.


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