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Get Top Dollar for Unwanted Inventory

There is a new way for Federal,State, County, and Municipal entities to dispose of unwanted inventory, and still get top-dollar returned to the school system. We also service Charter and Parochial Schools.

Bus Movers and More LLC / Ohio Schools Broker has a proven track record of turning your used equipment into a money-generating program, and also cutting down on storage in an already tight environment.

We use the internet, brokers, and local advertisements to sell your surplus.

The average school-run auction involves the following:

  • 1 auctioneer
  • 3 secretaries to register, collect payments, and to record transaction
  • 1 Notary Public to transfer titles
  • 1 mechanic to start, move, and describe vehicles and equipment
  • 1 to 2 police officers, due to large sum of cash on hand

  • 1 custodian to open and close the building
  • 1 official to sign off on sales and titles
  • 1 or 2 people to load sold items
  • Electricity, heating, etc. for building

Someone on the property for documenting, pricing, photographing, and sorting items for sale







Take a look at the Inventory that we have @ 

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Lost? How to Navigate:

All information on bidding, costs, and procedures can be found on this website, and anyone can sign up and bid on items locally, and from across the country. Just click on the "Register" button, and get started.

What We Do

We handle all the details, which means:

  • No school personnel tied up advertising, researching, and listing
  • No school personnel liabilities

  • No time consuming, problematic live auctions
  • No unauthorized persons walking around in schools or school grounds

How It Works

The item can be listed for 4, 7, 14, or 21 days, or advertised locally, depending on the desired exposure. Listing venues and duration will vary according to the above listed conditions.

Once an auction ends, we handle all taxes, all payments, and all paper work. The buyer is given a receipt and invoice, which he will give to you upon a pre-arranged pick up time and location. If there is a title involved, you just hand it to the winning bidder upon pick up. We then deduct our fees and send you a check and final statement. It’s that simple.


We have buyers from every state in the continental USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, looking at and buying from our auctions.

Here are some price examples:

Brecksville Schools

2008 Thomas/Thomas Handicap/ Wheelchair School Bus- 100,00 Miles - $ 17,705.00

Midview Schools

1996 International/Carpenter 34 Passenger w/ Wheelchair lift - 264,000 Miles - $3,400.00

1999 Thomas/Thomas 82 Passenger Bus -116,000 Miles - $3,350.00

Maplewood Career Center

2003 Freightliner / Thomas 71 Passenger School Bus 56,837 Miles - $26,100.00

Twinsburg Schools

2004 International / Bluebird 71 Passenger bus - 210,494 - $8,000.00

If you are not getting more that trade in value, you are not getting what they are worth. With our coast to coast audience, we draw the most attention and highest prices for you and your district. Show your voters you are doing everything you can to bring the funds back that are sorely needed. We are the ONLY broker you will ever need for your buses and other used equipment. From buses to trucks, or desks to furniture, to kitchen and shop equipment, we sell it all for YOU.

If we don’t sell it for you, we don’t charge you. It’s as simple as that!

Example of Products

  • Buses
  • Computers
  • Furniture

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Library Books
  • Shop Equipment

  • Trucks Etc.
  • Computer equipment

We are Bonded, and have MANY references upon request

If you would be interested in more information, Please contact us at 216-215-4854 or email . We can explain the entire process, where your school pays NO out of pocket fees.

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